Ko Mook or Muk island, one of the Andaman's last paradise.

The legendary warm welcome of its local population, the extreme beauty of its long white sand beaches, and its pristine clear water rich in aquatic life, make Mook island (also spelled Ko mook, Koh Muk, or Ko Muk) a “must-see” place to stay in Trang Province.

Surrounded by amazing tropical nature, Sivalai will offer you an unforgettable feeling of complete relaxation. Read on to learn more about this magnificent spot. We guarantee you that a stay here will remain long in your memories.

A most exotic resort surrounded by beaches.. A perfect holiday getaway. What more wonderful than spending your future holidays among sceneries coming straight out of the best looking geographic documentaries.

Take pleasure in the spectacular Emerald cave
(known locally as Thom Morakot) on Koh Mook Island.

Its name comes from the emerald color produced by sunlight filtered through sea water. Visitors enter the emerald cave by swimming through a hole in the ceiling of this beautiful cave.
We invite you to explore and discover the Trang coast and numerous islands: Koh Rok, Koh Ma, Koh Cheak, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai...

Experience the fantastic underwater scenery and appreciate the tropical coral reef and marine life.
This is paradise for fishing and squid fishing.
Enjoy other great activities such as sooth your body and mind with our Traditional
Thai Massages and Reflexology...

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Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort , Tambon Koh Libong, Amphor Kantang, Trang province - THAILAND


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